PMG Kolektiv

Mirko Popov 
Sinisha Evtimov
Aleksandar Gavrovski 
Tea Shaldeva
past/occasional members:

Zdravko Kevreshan
Ljupa Angelov
Nikolina Kujaca
Darko Jordanov
Vasko Atanasoski
PMG Kolektiv is a ritualistic dance band.
Musick to rituals of Thee Klan Secular.
Rough around thee edges and Straight.
Too damn straight to thee blind eyed and shallow.
Changing too fast to be loved.
Enforcers of light.
Entitled to hope and happiness by Birthright.
Saber and book bound by knowledge.
Guiding spirits to the shining Temple of Klan Secular.

First live show played on 14th of Dec. 2005.

Macedonian and european tours, with small but substantial following out of the country borders.